Happy birthday to us!

Welcome, friends. It’s exactly a year since Simplicity Voices was born, so thank you all for being part of it in its formative months.

Since I began the site, nearly half a million people have dropped by. Wow. That’s a lot of people wanting to simplify their lives.

I’ve loved hunting out the daily articles to feature here. My thanks go out to all the wonderful bloggers, writers and videographers who continue to inspire others through their lives and words. We all owe you a lot.

Bloggers in the field of minimalism rarely host advertising on their sites, so do consider supporting them in other ways if you can afford to do so.

Simplifying is rewarding but it can be hard to start and even harder to keep going, especially when modern life seems geared towards excess.

I’ve been posting my own successes and failures on my personal blog and I created Simplicity Voices because I realised I wouldn’t be the only one who needed regular encouragement and inspiration along the way.

Now that a year’s worth of links have been posted here, the category sections are really coming into their own. So if you’re after specific help with decluttering your home, getting on top of your spending, breaking your reliance on technology or simplifying other aspects of your life, check out the different categories via the menu button in the top right hand corner.

Simplicity Voices doesn’t have a newsletter but each weekend I post a teensy little digest on Facebook and Twitter (well, unless I get distracted by gin or something) so feel free to follow along.

If you’ve read an article which you think should be featured on Simplicity Voices, let me know on social media or fire me an email at claire@wantless.co.uk. You’re welcome to send over any feedback or suggestions about the site too, if you have any. I may not be able to respond to all the messages I get, but I promise I read them all.

And an extra special thank you to those people who have donated to Simplicity Voices so far. You marvellous folks have helped to keep the lights on and keep the site ad-free.

Any contributions, big or small, can be made here:

I don’t want to leave you without some inspirational reading, so here are the top ten most popular articles and blog posts featured on Simplicity Voices in its first year. Happy simplifying!

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