A message from Simplicity Voices

Hello, and welcome to a special message from me – Claire – the person behind Simplicity Voices.

I hope you’re enjoying dipping into this site as much as I’m enjoying curating it. The depth and breadth of writing on the topic of simplicity is staggering, and I’m sure you’ll agree that there are a lot of talented and inspiring writers out there worthy of our time and attention.

You may have noticed, but Simplicity Voices isn’t run like your average free-to-access website. For a start, there are no adverts.

I’m not against advertising online. I understand people have to make a living, and many writers think long and hard about the products and businesses they partner with. But to me, putting advertising on a website about stepping back from consumerism didn’t feel quite right.

I also don’t accept paid content or use affiliate links (links which pay the site owner a referral fee) for the same reason.

So, how do I make any money from this website? Long answer short: I don’t. In fact, I have been losing money on it.

Simplicity Voices has been a passion project of mine since I began it in October 2016. Since then, it has grown beyond all my expectations.

But a growing website demands growing resources, and I also have so many ideas about how I’d like to develop Simplicity Voices in future.

This includes:

  • Creating or commissioning new, beautiful, original photography
  • Protecting Simplicity Voices against cyber-attacks, of which I get hundreds
  • Enabling the website to deal with increasing amounts of traffic
  • Setting up a newsletter (I’ve had so many requests about this)

So if you value Simplicity Voices, and you would like it to continue – or even expand – please consider donating via the button at the bottom of the page. It can also be found on the sidebar menu from now on.

Donations will be used directly for the running and development of the site, and anything you can spare would be hugely appreciated.

Even small amounts make a difference. For example, $4 (£3) will pay for Simplicity Voices’ webhosting for a month.

I’d like to sign off with a tribute to the hundreds of talented writers, bloggers and creators I’ve been highlighting on this website.

Without them, there would be no Simplicity Voices. Many of them also choose not to monetise their blogs or websites through traditional means, so if you are able to, please do consider thanking them through making donations, buying their books, rating their podcasts or any other way you can.

Never has thoughtful content on the internet been more important. Please support it.